Pain and Suffering Compensation in New Jersey

The term pain and suffering has made its way to the mainstream thanks to famous personal injury and medical malpractice cases and courtrooms dramas. The prevalence of the term has led to a situation where public perception has taken a stance of skepticism towards the high dollar amounts rewarded for such a nebulous concept. For victims of serious accidents… Continue Reading

First Steps After Being Injured

Serious injuries can leave victims in a daze. Beyond the physical pain and emotional trauma of an injurious accident, the incurred costs of medical bills, missed work, and more can leave a financial burden on victims and their families. While many people are aware that personal injury claims can help those injured in accidents recover financial compensation, how… Continue Reading

Will my Personal Injury Case go to Court?

In an often cited statistic, fewer than five (5) percent of all personal injury cases go to trial in the U.S. For many victims of injurious accidents, the longer timeline and associated risks of taking their personal injury case to court simply is not worth the potential benefit. However, there are certainly situations where trials can lead… Continue Reading

Mediation in Personal Injury Claims

It has been estimated that over 95 percent of all personal injury claims are settled out of court. This is for a variety of reasons, most notably that the expenses and long tedious process of pursuing a litigation based personal injury claim is something that both claimants and defendants want to avoid. Mediation is a… Continue Reading

Recovering Compensation for Severe Injuries

Accidents causing serious injuries can be devastating for victims and their families. When those injuries are particularly severe, life is never the same for victims who may be forced into an early retirement and to stop doing some of the activities they previously enjoyed. Personal injury claims for permanent disability and associated, life altering injuries such as brain… Continue Reading


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