The Dangers and Causes of Long Emergency Room Waits

Some hospital emergency rooms are well known for subjecting patients to long delays before they are evaluated by a physician or receive critical care. Delays in diagnosis and treatment can be the cause of serious harm. It can not be understated that excessive waits, be they a waiting room or even after initial patient registration… Continue Reading

Somerset County Birth Nurse Liability Lawyer

Nurse Liability For Injuries Sustained During Labor And Delivery For most, the birth of a new baby is nothing short of a joyful occasion for the family. Unfortunately, there are times when shortcomings in healthcare lead to birth-related injuries to both a mother and her child. As many are already aware Medical malpractice claims encompass a… Continue Reading

Pain and Suffering Compensation in New Jersey

The term pain and suffering has made its way to the mainstream thanks to famous personal injury and medical malpractice cases and courtrooms dramas. The prevalence of the term has led to a situation where public perception has taken a stance of skepticism towards the high dollar amounts rewarded for such a nebulous concept. For victims of serious accidents… Continue Reading


We often see reports on television involving horrifying “surgeries gone wrong”, emergency room errors, and hospital doctors mis-diagnosing patients resulting in injury and death.  While these may be the most “flashy” medical malpractice cases, the truth is diagnostic errors occur much more frequently in places of primary care simply due to the volume of patients… Continue Reading

Understanding Medical Malpractice Laws in Somerset County, NJ

Understanding Medical Malpractice Laws can be quite complicated. Medical Malpractice occurs when any health care professional including: Doctors, Physicians Assistants, Nurses, or any other medical professional, causes injury, illness, or sometimes even death to a patient under their care. Some of the more common suits include: misdiagnosis, negligence and failure to treat properly for example:… Continue Reading


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