Personal Injury Liability

Any solid personal injury claim is predicated on finding fault with another party. The other party may be an individual, a business, or even a government entity. However, the concept remains the same: an accident must have been caused directly or indirectly by another party in order to recover damages through a personal injury claim. In New Jersey,… Continue Reading

Common Legal Defenses Against Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims are meant to protect the victims of accidents caused by another party’s negligence or recklessness. While many personal injury cases end in reasonable settlements where both the plaintiff and defendant agree and understand one another’s perspective, there are certainly instances where one or both sides pushes the envelope into unreasonable territory. Whether you… Continue Reading

The Importance of Listening to Your Doctor Within Personal Injury Claims

The time period between your injurious accident and your potential personal injury settlement or verdict can make or break your potential for recovering full and fair financial compensation. There are certain steps which should be taken or avoided to ensure that your case has a solid foundation. Amongst those important steps is working with a qualified doctor… Continue Reading

DWI Car Accident, Dram Shop Lawsuit Settles for $1.465 Million

In a case involving a man who was injured in a car accident with a drunk driver, the parties recently reached a settlement in which the victim will receive $1.465 million. The car accident in question occurred on November 2, 2013, at which time the injured victim, David Hoy, was driving westbound on Route 33 near Millhurst Road in… Continue Reading


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