Do Vehicle Crash Avoidance Systems Work?

Somerset County NJ Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Attorney Even just a few years ago, the idea of a car monitoring blind spots, detective lane departures, and even parking itself seemed more science fiction than science fact to the layperson. However, about half of all newly manufactured cars offer some sort of crash avoidance system, with some estimates putting that number as high as 99 percent by the end of 2022. While the 99% figure is speculation, it is a clear indicator that the prevalence of collision detection systems is only growing for cartruck, and motorcycle operators.

Today, we will be discussing how these crash avoidance systems work and whether they are effective for drivers in our local communities.

Somerset County Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Attorney Discusses Current Collision Detection Systems

As mentioned above, approximately 50% of new cars being sold today have some form of collision detection and/or collision avoidance technology. In commercials, we see actors nearly hitting children in strollers before their car miraculously brakes and saves the day, but what makes this technology work?

In order to sense and avoid collisions, vehicles must “see” around them using lasers, radar, cameras, and more. These sensors map out the physical environment surrounding the vehicle, allowing the vehicle’s computer system to analyze and react to objects and movement. Calculations are constantly being made to determine whether or not objects are potentially hazardous as your vehicle travels.

Dependent on the system in your vehicle, the next steps may differ. For example, when a vehicle senses a forward collision, it may sound a warning, pre-charge the brakes, apply partial pressure to the brakes, or fully engage the brakes. The key to this technology is perpetual scanning of the environment and making microsecond decisions on whether or not corrective measures are necessary.

Bridgewater Car Accident Lawyer Finds Effectiveness of  Collision Avoidance Systems

A recent study done by the American Automobile Association (AAA), showed that while collision avoidance systems were generally effective, they varied greatly across different makes and models of vehicles. The number one takeaway from the testing was that collision detection and avoidance systems were not a viable substitute for driver action. However, impact severity was considerably reduced, making real-world accidents less severe. The study also revealed these key findings:

  • Collision detection systems which were intended to reduce vehicle speed only, actually prevented vehicle collisions in nearly one third (1/3) of scenarios
  • When vehicle speed differentials were under 30 mph, collision avoidance systems were effective in avoiding crashes approximately 60 percent of the time
  • When comparing systems which were intended to prevent crashes and those which were intended to lessen crash severity, the former was nearly twice as effective in reducing vehicle speed (79% reduction in travel speed vs. 40% reduction in travel speed)
  • Approaching a parked vehicle at 45 miles per hour showed the largest discrepancies. Systems which are intended to prevent crashes reduced vehicle speeds by 74% and avoided collisions 40% of the time. Systems which are intended to lessen crash severity only reduced vehicle speeds by 9% and did not avoid collisions

Based on these findings, it seems clear that while all systems were somewhat effective in reducing crash severity, systems designed to avoid collisions were significantly more effective than those designed to simply lessen crash severity. As technology improves so will safety, but it is still important for drivers to remain alert, attentive, and careful on the road.

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