Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim Against Someone Other than a Doctor

Medical malpractice claims encompass a wide variety of situations and issues. Some of the most common Somerset County medical malpractice claims include delays in diagnosis or treatment,  delays or misdiagnosis of cancer, emergency room errors, hospital negligence, nursing negligence, surgical errors, urgent care malpractice, as well as other personal injuries and even wrongful death that may result from negligent medical treatment and… Continue Reading

Pool Accidents and Compensation Lawyer Somerville NJ

Williams Law and Pool Injuries across Somerset County Summer time is play time with family and friends.  Our enjoyment of the warm sun may cause us to forget that many types of accidents can occur such as motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and even slip and fall injuries. When relaxing with family and friends at… Continue Reading

Delayed Injuries from Traumatic Accidents

In America we are taught to be tough from a young age.  If someone is injured in sports we are told to get up and “walk it off”.  In fact, injury can be seen as a sign of weakness.  Often when we are hurt we simply trudge through it with a few aspirin.  However this… Continue Reading

Who Files Wrongful Death Claims in Somerset County, NJ?

Wrongful death claims may result after an individual is killed due to the negligence or strict liability of another party. This concept operates similar to typical personal injury claims in New Jersey with some key differences. The primary difference is of course that the victim is not able to seek damages on his or her own behalf. This… Continue Reading

Finding Fault for Slip and Fall Accidents in Hunterdon County, NJ

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of serious injury to New Jersey residents along with workplace accidents and motor vehicle accidents. Along these lines, slip and falls victims are also commonly eligible for financial compensation through personal injury claims. However, personal injury claims are only as good as your ability to find fault with… Continue Reading


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