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Suing Your Landlord or Property Manager/Owner

May 15, 2019

In general, when someone is injured on a property because of unsafe conditions like exposed wiring, uncovered sewer openings, loose steps, unmarked wet floors, etc, that injured party would file a premises liability claim against the property’s owner, maintenance staff, landlord, or potentially some combination of the responsible parties.

These premises liability claims generally assume that the above-mentioned parties should be responsible for ensuring a safe environment for visitors to the property, but the question of responsibility becomes much more complicated when a person is injured on the property where they live or rent a work space, be it an apartment building, a residential complex, or a commercial storefront.

As a regular visitor to that property, personal injury courts will assume that you have a much greater knowledge of its state of repair, and may even be partially responsible for its maintenance as part of your rental agreement or lease.

So while it is certainly not impossible to sue your landlord or property owner for accident injuries which occurred on their property, it certainly adds a layer of complexity to a more traditional premises liability claim. If you have been injured by some hazard present in your apartment or residential complex, or a hazard present in a commercial property which you rent, here is what you need to know about recovering compensation for your injuries through a Somerset County premises liability claim.

Somerset County Premises Liability Claims: The Basics

In order to make a successful recovery through a premises liability claim, the injured party and their personal injury attorney will need to prove the following three elements:

  1. A safety hazard existed on the property in question, and this hazard directly lead to injury(s)
  2. The landlord, property manager, or property owner knew of the existence of the hazard which caused the injuries and did not take action to address the hazard, or reasonably should have known of its existence had they been properly performing their duties.
  3. The extent to which the victim’s injuries have impacted their lives (financial damages such as medical expenses and lost income, physical and emotional trauma and suffering)

While these three elements may sound fairly straightforward, factually proving them in a court of law can be anything but. This is why it is highly recommended that you retain the counsel of an experienced Somerset County premises liability attorney when seeking compensation for injuries which occurred on another person or entity’s property.

However, as previously noted, should those same injuries occur on a property where you are renting living space or commercial space, the requirements for making a successful premises liability injury recovery become even steeper still.

Suing Your Landlord or Property Owner for Injury Damages, Bridgewater Premises Liability Lawyer

If a hazardous element in your apartment building or commercial space caused you injury, in order to make a successful premises liability recovery against your landlord, property owner, or property manager, you and your Bridgewater premises liability lawyer will also need to consider:

  • Did you have prior knowledge of the hazard which caused your injury?
  • If so, did you inform your landlord or party responsible for repair of its existence?
  • How much responsibility do you have personally for the repair of said hazard as per your lease agreement?

These added factors can all affect the total recovery that you are able to make, and in some cases may prevent you from making a recovery at all if not argued correctly or improperly handled. This makes having an experienced Bridgewater premises liability lawyer on your side during the claims process that much more important, as your lawyer will be able to demonstrate how you fulfilled your own duties and responsibilities as a tenant, while your landlord or property manager did not, thus securing you and your family the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries and resulting damages to your life.

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