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Nurse Liability For Injuries Sustained During Labor And DeliveryNurse Liability For Injuries Sustained During Labor And Delivery

For most, the birth of a new baby is nothing short of a joyful occasion for the family. Unfortunately, there are times when shortcomings in healthcare lead to birth-related injuries to both a mother and her child. As many are already aware Medical malpractice claims encompass a wide variety of situations and issues such as delays in diagnosis or treatment, emergency room errors, hospital negligence, surgical errors, urgent care malpractice, as well as other negligent activities that can cause personal injuries and even wrongful death.

When it comes to childbirth, one of the often overlooked areas where injuries can occur, some resulting in long term damage, is the area of nursing negligence. Obstetric or “labor and delivery” nurses play an integral role in maintaining the health of the laboring mother and her child. Not only by directly rendering patient care, but also by  accurately relaying information regarding the mother and child’s condition to doctors and other nurses through the course of labor and delivery. When they fail to do their jobs correctly the effects can be devastating to both the mother and the child.

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Nurse Duties in Somerset & Hunterdon County Delivery Rooms

Obstetric nurses often have more interaction with patients in labor than doctors. They provide care before, during, and after the delivery of a child. They perform various duties may include:

  • The administering of medication
  • Monitoring the fetal heartbeat and fetal “well-being”
  • Monitoring the length and strength of contractions
  • Monitoring the mother’s blood pressure and other vital signs
  • Identifying problems and potential issues, and conveying information appropriately to treating physicians or midwives
  • Assisting other healthcare providers during the actual delivery of the newborn

It is clear that obstetric nurses have a very difficult and important job.  However it is one that they should be well trained in and very capable of performing if they are to hold that position. The above listed responsibilities must be performed well in order to assure that your child is born healthy and free of any unusual trauma.

Complaints of Obstetric Nurse Negligence

If a nurse through negligence or carelessness fails to meet standards of care, it may result in serious injuries to the mother, baby, or both. Perhaps the most important aspects of labor and delivery nursing care is the monitoring of fetal “well-being”. Obstetric nurses must be well versed in and aware of the signs and symptoms of fetal distress or imminent distress. If such conditions arise, labor and delivery nurses must quickly administer appropriate treatment, rapidly convey information with regard to these conditions to the attending physicians as well as other nursing staff. Failure in this regard can result in severe injuries ,including fetal brain injury, or may contribute to a stillbirth.

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