Tips to Stay Safe this Summer in Somerset County, NJ

Tips to Stay Safe this Summer in Somerset County NJContrary to popular opinion and what would seem like common sense, the rate of serious injuries is actually at its highest during the summer months. In addition to dangers of heat stroke and other related ailments, car accidentsmotorcycle accidentstruck accidents, and all motor vehicle accidents are more likely to occur in the summer. Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate these risks and keep yourself and your family safe this year.

Today, our personal injury attorneys will discuss some health and safety risks which are heightened in summer and how to take precautionary and active measures to avoid serious injury or illness.

Franklin, NJ Injury Attorneys: Staying Safe in Summer Heat

Sure, it gets hot, but is that really such a big deal? For many Americans, just the heat of summer can cause serious medical complications. Our Franklin personal injury attorneys understand that these proactive measures may go a long way to avoid issues such as sun stroke, sunburn, heat exhaustion, and much more:

  • Stay hydrated – drinking an appropriate amount of water while avoiding drinks with caffeine or alcohol can be a major factor in staying safe and comfortable in the summer heat. This simple step may be the most important to remember, especially for young children and older adults
  • Avoid major temperature changes – going from icy cold air conditioning straight out to 90 degree sunshine and vice versa is taxing on your body. Do your best to ease into these changes when possible
  • Dress appropriately – dark, tight, and thick clothing all may lead to overheating. By wearing light colors, loose fitting, and breathable clothing, you will stay more comfortable and safe in the heat
  • Monitor physical activity – avoid overtaxing yourself physically when the temperatures rise. This goes for any days which involve hours of direct sunlight as well, regardless of temperature
  • Monitor physical symptoms – if you or a loved one becomes dizzy, experiences cramps, flushed skin, nausea, headache, or any other abnormal feelings, get out of the heat and take care of the underlying cause

Dangers of Summer Driving in Somerset County

Interestingly, the overall number of vehicle accidents tends to peak in the winter, while the percentage of accidents which lead to serious injury and wrongful death increases in the summer. Our Somerset County personal injury attorneys understand that these numbers are due to a number of factors including summer vacations away from familiar roads, bad weather leading to more caution in winter, and much more. While summer is a great time for joy rides, here are a few ways to make sure those summer drives remain safe:

  • Avoid distractions – phones, food, and other passengers are all common distractions which may lead to an injurious accident. All of these things can wait when the safety of you and your passengers is on  the line
  • Never drive while intoxicated – drunk driving and driving while under the influence of drugs are extremely dangerous, and should be avoided during all seasons
  • Plan your route – as mentioned previously, driving in unknown territory carries greater risks. Planning your trip adequately makes this difference less of a problem
  • Avoid speeding – warm weather, sunny skies, and loud music are all great while driving, as long as you continue to obey the rules of the road

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