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The Most Commonly Misdiagnosed Cancers

March 4, 2019

Cancer is a disease that has touched all our lives in some way. When someone is diagnosed with cancer it is among one of the most shocking things that they and their family can learn. However, what happens when the cancer is misdiagnosed. This misdiagnosis can cause critical delays in life saving treatments. Sadly, among the most commonly misdiagnosed cancers are some of the most dangerous.

When faced with this arduous illness it cannot be emphasized enough that “early diagnosis saves lives.”  If cancer is detected in its early stages, patients are able to begin treatment sooner and in turn benefit their chances for survival. It may be hard to envision but delays in treatment  and in diagnosis as well as misdiagnosis happen all too often in New Jersey and across the United States. Moreover, when detected in the later stages these deadly cancers could potentially lead to preventable and wrongful death.

At The Law Office of Brian J. Levine, we recognize how significant a prompt and proper diagnosis can be for the most effective treatment and recovery from a life-threatening illness. For 20 years, our law firm has been assisting clients to achieve fair compensation in Somerville, Bridgewater, New Brunswick, Franklin, Hillsborough and all over both Somerset and Hunterdon Counties with holding hospitals, medical staff and insurance companies accountable. If your doctor has misdiagnosed or mistreated your medical condition during your routine check-up or scheduled appointment, we are here to help you today on 908-243-0111.

Skin Cancer Most Highly Misdiagnosed Somerset County NJ

There are lots of ways in which skin cancer missed and misdiagnosis occurs. For example, failure to do a thorough family history check, incomplete physical tests are just a few possible cases. An ABC News Report found pathologists often make serious errors when examining cancers beyond their area of specialty.

This is the leading form of cancer diagnosed in the U.S. It is correspondingly also among the most common misdiagnosed forms of cancer. There are several forms of skin cancer that doctors may fail to notice or mistake for everyday conditions such as eczema. One in five people will experience skin cancer during their lifetime. One of these types of skin cancer, melanoma is the one of the most frequently misdiagnosed cancers in the U.S. and it is also extremely hazardous if left untreated. If doctors miss unusual moles, growths, or skin irregularities, skin cancer can rapidly develop to later stages where the prognosis significantly declines.

Commonly Misdiagnosed Cancer Hunterdon NJ 

  • Lung cancer – This form of cancer is second highest rate behind skin cancer among Americans. It is also one of the leading cancers in terms of missed and misdiagnosis. Lung cancer in many cases is terminal as the statistics given by the American Cancer Society show, with it being a leader killer in the US.
  • Breast cancer – It could be said that breast cancer medicine has seen incredible developments in terms of diagnosis and treatment in recent years and yet it is still one of the most common cancers for delayed detection and misdiagnosis. When this form of cancer is identified in its early stages, the survival rate is astonishing. Though, late detection of breast cancer can leave patients with a far less hopeful prognosis.. BreastCancer.org  provide statics to show that approximately 85 percent of breast cancers occur in women with no family history of breast cancer. Furthermore, according a report from the National Association of Science Writers, breast cancer is the foremost reason for lawsuits against doctors, highlighting the importance of having a law attorney at your disposal.
  • Colon cancer – Unfortunately, this is yet one more frequently missed or misdiagnosed forms of cancer, often named as colorectal cancer because it includes both cancers of the large intestine and rectum. Though patients are encouraged to have a colonoscopy when they get to be middle aged, and many do, colon cancer goes undiagnosed on a consistent basis. Sometimes, doctors will even misdiagnose it for a more benign condition affecting the gastrointestinal system. Such typical misdiagnoses for colorectal cancer include and not limited to Diverticulitis, Hemorrhoids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn’s Disease. If doctors are overdue in noticing colon cancer, this perilous situation can quickly become ominous.

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