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Premises liability statutes in New Jersey protect individuals from injury when they are on public property or private property owned by another individual or entity. While many of us think of slip and fall accidents or maybe dog bites within this area, it is also the responsibility of property owners and/or managers to provide adequate security to keep us safe.
If you or a loved one has been injured in a violent crime due to unsatisfactory security conditions, you may be entitled to financial compensation through a personal injury claim.
The Law Office of Brian J. Levine has nearly three decades of experience recovering full and fair compensation for clients who have suffered injuries due to negligent security. Attorney Levine has earned the distinction of New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Civil Trial Attorney, an honor reserved for only two percent of lawyers in our state. Lean on the experience and knowledge we have cultivated through serving clients injured in accidents in our local New Jersey communities including Somerville, New Brunswick, Hillsborough, Bridgewater, Franklin, Hunterdon County, and all of Somerset County.
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Bridgewater Premises Liability Attorney Defines Negligent Security

Thus far we have established that negligent security is a form of premises liability which entails a violent crime resulting from insufficient security practices. This can take a variety of forms, but generally means that property owners and/or managers have failed to provide safe and secure conditions for patrons and guests. In order to be considered negligent security, our Bridgewater attorney will aim to show the following:

  1. The danger was known ahead of time. If similar crimes have taken place on the premises or nearby, or if security had previously been notified of a dangerous condition (such as poor lighting or lack of security guards) they are legally responsible for taking precautionary measures against future crimes. Additionally, certain businesses, such as casinos, are considered inherently dangerous due to money changing hands mixing with alcohol. These businesses are responsible for tight security even without prior criminal activity.
  2. The conditions were unsafe. When the violent crime was committed, we will strive to prove that the conditions were unreasonably dangerous, particularly in light of the foreseeable nature as per item one.
  3. The reaction by security was insufficient. Negligent security may also refer to inaction or overreaction of on duty security. If security is late to the scene or never arrives, that may be considered negligent. Similarly, overzealous security forces causing injury to guests may also be grounds for a personal injury claim.

Examples of Negligent Security Injuries in Somerset County

To further explain some realistic negligent security cases, our Somerset County personal injury attorney will outline two common examples.
Let’s suppose that a mall has been notified that a parking structure has very limited lighting and guests feel uncomfortable going to their cars. The issue is not addressed, and the lights remained dim and insufficient. Later, a young woman is robbed walking to her car and suffers and injury when the assailant shoves her to the ground. This case involves a foreseeable danger, unsafe conditions, and non-existent reaction from security.
Another example might be where gang activity has been reported in the community of an apartment complex, with one individual suffering injuries on the complex itself. Despite this knowledge, landlords fail to fix a broken lock which leads to the apartment complex common area and there is no added security force. A family is then assaulted by gang members who were able to bypass the faulty lock and enter the complex, leading to injury. This scenario is also the basis for a solid negligent security claim as the property managers knew of the danger, failed to correct the danger, and this led to injury.

Franklin Negligent Poor Injury Lawyers Recovers Compensation

Negligent security claims can be legally complex and sometimes difficult to prove. Our Franklin legal team will need to show not only that you were injured in an accident due to a violent crime, but that the crime in question was both foreseeable and preventable with adequate security measures.
Property owners and managers will likely claim that they had no way of stopping a violent crime. However, it is the legal responsibility of property owners to provide a safe and secure environment for guests. We will show that the negligent actions or inactions of these entities led to your injuries, allowing you and your family to recover the compensation you deserve for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, emotional trauma, and much more.

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